Full Season Weekly CSA, 2019

Store Full Season Weekly CSA, 2019

Enjoy a full box of fresh produce weekly.

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: Weekly

Revel in the full glory of the week's harvest with a $25-value box of fresh, seasonal produce.

All food is grown sustainably at Crabtree Farms and picked and packed by loving hands. Each week the crops are harvested fresh for you. Mother nature chooses what will be ready and offered in each box.

If that sounds like too much food, consider getting a Biweekly share instead.

Biweekly: For smaller households or those who have little time to cook, a biweekly share gives you 2 weeks to enjoy your produce before the next share of the harvest arrives. Every other week a $25-value box of fresh seasonal food is packed for your culinary pleasure.

    We believe in connecting people to each other, nature, and their own healthy bodies. Crabtree Farms does this by growing fresh healthy foods for the community, getting hands - large and small - dirty, and by teaching the skills of an older time with a new twist. Learn more about how we help you to Grow, Educate, and Connect.

Crabtree Farms: Growing fresh healthy foods in a sustainable way since 1998, because we care about your body and our land.