Flex Box CSA, 2019

Store Flex Box CSA, 2019

Our new CSA hack - our most flexible CSA option. Enjoy freshly harvested local food on your schedule.

one delivery, auto-renews Price:
Delivery frequency

Flex Box: With our new recurring payment options and rolling enrollment, you should be able to design your CSA in such a way that you can opt to only get boxes when you want them. For example, maybe you love squash, tomatoes, and peppers, but don't fancy greens. You can choose to receive Flexible CSA boxes only during the summer months. Or maybe you love greens, kohlrabi, and root vegetables. Then you can choose to receive Flexible CSA boxes during the cool weather months.

Delivery of the Flex Box is also available in either Weekly or Biweekly delivery schedules.

Weekly: Revel in the full glory of the season with a weekly $25-value box of fresh seasonal produce packed for your culinary pleasure.

If that sounds like too much food, consider getting a biweekly delivery instead.

Biweekly: For smaller households or those who have little time to cook, this option gives you 2 weeks to enjoy your produce before the next share of the harvest arrives. On alternating weeks a $25-value box of fresh seasonal food is packed for your culinary pleasure.

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